29 March 2015

Blind Spot No More

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by Two Dogs.  I appreciate that you take the time to read my blog(s). 

Today I wanted to show you that I got the little mirrors  I bought for Freedom's side mirrors installed to help with keeping track of anyone that may be cruising in or around her blind spot.  Please forgive the terribly dirty van.  It's still a bit too cold overnight to give me enough confidence that the faucets won't freeze, so the vehicles are a mess.  Such is life.  SPRING is officially here, but another week or two before I drag the hoses out and get the faucets turned back on.  Then the old girl-- the VAN, not me!! :) -- is getting a good washing and a new roof coating; more on that roof coating at a later date.

Patton is telling her teddy all about grandma's van and what's been happening to get Freedom ready to roll.  :) 



  1. Looks like that should work for you! :) Patton is getting SO big!!

  2. Isn't she!!! Can't wait to get down to the valley and squeeze that little girl!


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