23 October 2011

This is no trick

At least not a mean one.  Maybe I should say it's more of treat. Good morning!  I went to my doctor a few weeks back and got the eye and the lecture for my cholesterol numbers.  Part of the program for getting them where they need to be (besides diet and exercise) is taking a fish oil capsule every day.  Oh YUCK!  I don't think there is anything worse than burping after consuming one of those capsules and I am sure this prevents a lot of people from taking them. Then one of my clients came in and I was telling her about the recommendation from my doc.  She said her doc gave her the same recommendation but to make it less of an unpleasant experience that she should put her fish oil caps in the freezer and freeze them.  Swallowing them frozen allows them to get waaaaay down into your tummy and past the point where they would cause the burping problem. I have been doing this for several weeks now and not one burp leading to the disgusting aftertaste --- and bad breath!! --- of swallowing those caps right out of the bottle.  This works!!!!  So take your omega 3's, just remember to freeze 'em first! 

14 October 2011

Oh this is good

I watched Dr. Oz the other day and he had a guy on giving tips on how to save a bit of money but still get the job done right.  As you know, these types of things are right up my alley. :-)
The short and sweet of it is that you can get a year's worth of shaves out of ONE disposable razor.  Sounds unbelievable doesn't it?  Now I haven't got a year to try this before I post, but I have already begun the test. Should be an interesting, and CHEAP, experiment.
The razor blades do not get dull from shaving your hair off; they are made of steel.  The razor gets dull because it is left in the shower and stays wet/damp causing the steel to start rusting.  The trick is to dry it off after each use and keep it in a dry area.  A quick  shot with your blow dryer should dry it nicely. I leave it up to you where you stash it. 
Combine one razor for a whole year and a bottle of cheap hair conditioner to shave with and you can stay silky smooth for almost nothin'.  My kind of deal! 
Have a fabluous week.