14 October 2011

Oh this is good

I watched Dr. Oz the other day and he had a guy on giving tips on how to save a bit of money but still get the job done right.  As you know, these types of things are right up my alley. :-)
The short and sweet of it is that you can get a year's worth of shaves out of ONE disposable razor.  Sounds unbelievable doesn't it?  Now I haven't got a year to try this before I post, but I have already begun the test. Should be an interesting, and CHEAP, experiment.
The razor blades do not get dull from shaving your hair off; they are made of steel.  The razor gets dull because it is left in the shower and stays wet/damp causing the steel to start rusting.  The trick is to dry it off after each use and keep it in a dry area.  A quick  shot with your blow dryer should dry it nicely. I leave it up to you where you stash it. 
Combine one razor for a whole year and a bottle of cheap hair conditioner to shave with and you can stay silky smooth for almost nothin'.  My kind of deal! 
Have a fabluous week.