25 February 2013

Hello all!  I wanted to share the photos of the two-month anniversary of THE BIG SNOW STORM with you.  I am SO glad to see the snow retreat.  Today is sunny and there is a breeze blowing so that should aid in even more melting.  YIPPEE!!!!!!  I will make this brief as I have more cleaning to do in the sun room; trying to make room for repair work as soon as it dries out in there.  May take awhile, but I want to be ready to go when it does!

I am back to hauling fire wood to the house in the wheelbarrow, a relatively easy task with bare ground showing and what remains of the snow being frozen in the early a.m.   Spring will be here soon!  Sometimes it's hard to remember that, but it will be.

Thanks for stopping by Two Dogs.  Have a fabulous week!