20 June 2011

Cleaning the fridge

I cleaned my refrigerator the other day.  Ooooo boy, did it need it. As I was cleaning I was thinking to myself why in the world did I wait until it's warm and sunny outside and there's a nice soft breeze blowing? An absolutely gorgeous day, perfect for spending time outside.  And I answered myself.  "Because when it's cold and dark and gloomy you have no energy.  No get-up-and-go. No DESIRE to do those mundane jobs.  But just let the sun come out and it is like flipping a switch.  I am empowered.  Energized.  Gung-ho.  So my refrigerator got a good cleaning along with a few other little projects around the house like the floors, the laundry, the vacuuming.  I was a dynamo.  Then I decided to finish planting the garden.  I even impressed myself.  Here's a shot of  the interior of my nice clean fridge.  I was too embarrassed to show you the before pic!  There's just something wonderful and soothing about a clean refrigerator.  And  nice, crisp, clean sheets.  I am off to make my bed.  Thanks for stopping by!