06 June 2011


Did anyone watch idol this past season?  Wow, what talent!  I was rooting for Scotty McCreery and was thrilled when he won.  If you hear him sing and don't know who he is or what he looks like (cute!!!) you would never in a million years think he was only 17 years old.  What a fabulous voice he has.  I hope 'the business' doesn't corrupt him like it has so many others; he is just so wholesome and sweet.  So, wanting a little piece of Idol to keep forever, I spent a bit of time on iTunes this past week and downloaded my favorite Scotty songs, and also a few tunes from some of the others (Stephano Langone, Paul McDonald, Pia Toscano) and then what did I run into?  Sitting in my inbox was some advice from Uniblue on how to burn your best CD and not end up with nothing but a coaster.  Wish this had arrived BEFORE I downloaded and saved to a CD.......... That's my timing.  And ol' Murphy at his best.

So on that note here's their advice about burning CDs/DVDs to get the best copy. 

•Turn off your screensaver, if this starts while you're burning a disc, it will interrupt the data flow to the laser. (hmmmmm, I think that's probably why I got a gap in one of Elvis' songs during the burn)

•Defrag your hard drive before a burn, it not only helps with your PC performance but will also make it easier for your PC to locate the files. (this should be done on a regular basis anyway, so don't forget!!!)

•Slower burning speeds will give the best results, so if you're not in a rush opt for lower speeds. (something else I need to change.  Fast is not always better Missy!)

•Handle your discs with care, hold it by its edges and keep it away from dust.

•Finally, invest in a special labelling pen as normal ink will eventually eat through the CD/DVD causing damage. (really?  a permanent marker won't do?)

Hope this helps you get the very best downloads.  Go for the burn!!!