29 November 2010

December is almost upon us

Hi!  So glad you stopped by Two Dogs today.  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting geared up for Christmas. Can you believe it----- that Christmas is almost upon us?  Wow, I don't know where this year went, but it went in a big hurry.
I have been testing the steamer and found a couple of more uses for this dynamo; BUT I am going to step back, take a breath, and take a little time away from the Two Dogs blog.  Probably be back after the first of the new year, maybe a little longer.  Sometimes one has to take a little breather to get the energy flowing again.  When that happens I will be back at it and I will reveal what I have been up to in the cleaning department.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and sane New Year's celebration. I will see you in 2011!!! 

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