20 September 2010

Squirrel, squirrel go away...............

Good Monday morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to do some fun end-of-summer activities.  Fall is fast approaching.
Do you remember the Moleinator I purchased a month or so back trying to rid my yard of the little beast(s)?  I am happy to report that it works like a charm. The mere placement of this fabulous device made those moles dig their way right over into my neighbor's yard!!  So there was nothing to do but loan it to him and, yes, he got the little bugger. Yea!!!! But Mother Nature is a fickle lady and she wasn't about to let me rest so now I am faced with ridding my yard of ground squirrels. They are super destructive not only in making your property look like some giant cookie cutter punched a zillion holes in the ground along with a zillion dirt piles, but they carry diseases ---- the plague in particular ----,they eat tender young plants, gnaw on veggies, they provide food for rattlesnakes, and worst of all they can undermine a building's foundation. Fortunately, the teacher for my Master Gardener's class told us how we can make a bait station that is pet-proof along with bait that is deadly to the squirrels but not to pets as long as it is administered in the bait station.  If you are interested in the recipe for this bait just email me and would be happy to send it along to you along with directions on how to make a station.  Here's a picture of it.
It is made of PVC pipe and the bait is put in the piece that is standing vertical.  It has a cap to keep it from getting wet should a shower pass through and pets can't get to it.  I did have to purchase a new hacksaw to cut the pieces, and I found the cutest little thing.  Just take a look at it; half the size of a regular hacksaw and so much easier for us ladies to use.  I love tools and this thing is one of my favorites!  I know --- I am a little strange, but hey, it gives me such a sense of accomplishment to be able to do a few things myself.
Thanks for stopping by Two Dogs. Have a fabulous week!

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  1. Hi, came across this great post via Google. Was wondering how you feed bait into the trap, do you simply pour it in from the top and then close the cap? Seems simple but for some reason I'm making it out to be more complicated!


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