19 April 2010


If you tuned in last week, you might remember my post on the wonderful, free, plastic kitty litter buckets my friend Mary has given me. I used one of these marvelous storage units (that's what I am calling them now.  My storage units) for my Dog-on-the-Go bucket. No pun intended here. One of these handy-dandy empty kitty litter buckets contain all the essentials my 2 "kids" may need during a road trip, long or short. I have a plastic dog bowl in there along with a container of water, some dog treats, their leashes, and even a stake in case we are stuck somewhere and have a long wait. If there be grass or ground they are set; they can be outside enjoying some fresh air instead of stuck in the car. I also included an extra brush I had lying around. You know, in case they need to have grass or twigs or something removed from their fur before eagerly jumping back in the car for some 60 mile-an-hour air blasting them in the face as we cruise down the highway with the windows down. I also keep an extra sweater in there for the Toons (AKA The Princess). Bostahuahuas (you know, that dynamite combo of Boston terrier and chihuahua!!) get cold easily. I keep this bucket in my car so Toonie Mae and Charlie always have their things handy and I don't rush out the door and forget something. Makes life easier for all of us.  Happy trails and tails for this crew.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week.  Don't ya just LOVE all this springtime?  Knuffles ------ that's HUGS in Dutch.

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