12 September 2014

A Dog Day Afternoon

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Yesterday I spent a dog day afternoon.  Yes, it was quite warm outside, but I am not referring to the weather.  I spent the afternoon making dog beds!  The days are getting shorter and even though the afternoons are very warm, the mornings are very cool. 

The Chiweenie Brothers -- and I think most small dogs --- do not like to be cold.  I jokingly call Fries "The Heatalator" because his body temperature is high and having him snuggle up to me is like having a small electric heater against my skin.  Yes, he is a warm one and he likes to stay that way.  Charlie isn't quite as warm blooded but he, too, likes to snuggle and be warm.  And winter is coming! 

So while cruising the internet looking for something completely unrelated I ran across a site called Craftsy and they were offering a wad of free patterns for all kinds of things.  This little envelope bed was one of them.  You can whip one up really fast. I made two envelope beds and a sleep pillow (Burger had to have something, too!) in just a couple of hours.  You can find the directions HERE

After a few rounds of musical dog beds, they chose which one they wanted and curled up for a little siesta. Just look at Fries' sweet little face.  Doesn't he look content?  And Charlie is already in doggie dreamland.  The Chiweenie Brothers will be warm and cozy always. 

 Burger doesn't look too pleased with his.  He would rather have one of the Chiweenie Brothers' beds!!   I think he knows I used some fleece I cut up for dog blankets many moons ago and he is having none of that!  We'll work it out..................

So we have two warm, content chiweenies and an upset wire hair.  BUT,  these beds cost me a fraction of what one has to pay for a dog bed in the stores or on-line.  I chose the fleece from Joanns.com (it was on sale for half off and I love the cute paw print pattern) a bag of poly fill-- also on sale--and had a coupon for free shipping.  I made the beds a bit smaller than the designer's thus using less fleece, so that was a savings, too.  You can make the beds any size you need; just remember, fleece is 54" wide.

Thank for stopping by Two Dogs.  Hugs, Shawna 


  1. Nice blog and thank you for the link to make a bed for my pups, who love to snuggle under the covers.

  2. Welcome Dragonfly! I am sure your little guys will love these beds as much as mine do.


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