31 July 2012

I'm baaaaack....

Gee, where has the time gone?  And I see I need to be changing that Christmas banner.  Or just leave it up as the holiday will be here before we know it.  Sorry about all that; I have been busy. Who hasn't????
As for the post on the vinegar and water bath to extend the life of berries ---- it works!!!  I got up to three additional days out of the last basket of strawberries I purchased.  They may have lasted longer, but I gobbled them up too quickly, so the experiment will continue if I can ever leave them alone long enough.

I am sure you have heard about Teflon coated pans being in disfavor due to flaking of the Teflon coating and using high heat with them being a no-no. Big health risk if you are using these things.  The big thing now is ceramic coated pans and I found one at my local market the other day and on a whim decided to give it a try.  WOW!  All I can say is WOW!!!!  I bought the saute pan and when I got home I tried it out immediately by spraying some vegetable oil in it ---- a teeny tiny amount --- and tossed in some cut up bell peppers, onion, zuchinni, potatoes, and garlic and broke some eggs while the mix sauteed.  Once the veggies had  delectable browned bits on them, I removed them and scrambled my eggs in the wonder pan.  Amazing.  I used high heat, too, and I have to tell ya the results were remarkable.  I am in love with this pan.  The food browned nicely and nothing stuck to the pan.  Seriously.  Cleanup was unbelievable, too; just a swipe with a paper towel and most of it came right off.  I had one tiny little spot that required a damp paper towel, but it too, was easy to remove.  I have been sauteing stuff like crazy around here!  You don't have to use plastic utensils with this stuff, nor do you have to watch the heat level.  They recommend you do not cut food up inside the pan, but that's no biggy.  This stuff delivers on its promise!  They aren't all that expensive either.  I paid $17.99 for my small pan and I think it is worth every single penny.   Have a wonderful day.  I am off to saute another wonderful dish.  Thank you for not abandoning the Two Dogs blog.  Hugs, Shawna
 This photo shows some corn in the mix, took this one during a different sauteing session.  Different mix, same results.

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