21 June 2010

My old friend vinegar

Hey there ----- good morning!  Looks like summer has FINALLY arrived and decided to stick around, so as you can imagine, I am one happy camper. 

Last week's post was on homemade dish washing detergent, and I hope you tried making your own and are happy with the results. This week I wanted to tell you about a homemade rinse agent; they go hand in hand.    Homemade rinse agents are an even bigger savings money wise.  They help get your dishes cleaner and drier but they are pretty darn expensive.  So let's "make" our own. 

You will need a bottle of white vinegar.  That's it.  Just white vinegar.  Pour it into your dishwasher's automatic dispenser for rinse agents and you're set.    Refill as needed.   You are going to love the results.  No water spots,  your dishes will dry faster because the water will sheet off, and there's no harsh  chemicals. Matter of fact, they will sparkle like you wouldn't believe.  Did I mention it will save you a lot of greenbacks?  It also helps keep your dishwasher cleaner because of its astringent nature.  But darn, you still have to put those darn dishes away yourself. . . . . . . . . .

Have a fabulous week my friends, and thank you for stopping by.

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